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The quality of the products is supported by quality certifi­cate ISO 9001:2008 issued by international certification organization TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH.



ALUNEXT, Ltd. manufactures aluminum profiles from alloy AD 31 by GOST 8617, 22233-01, from alloy 6060; 6063 by EN 755-2001, EN 12020-2001 and AD 1 GOST 18482-79. The plant has 100% incoming control of the received raw materials.

The plant is equipped with modern import equipment (three exstrusion lines for aluminum profiles based on extrusion presses with capacity 2000 MT, 1600 MT, and 1100 MT accordingly).


Extrusion press 1600 MT (Italy)           Extrusion press 1100 MT (Taiwan)


Extrusion press 2000 MT (Spain)


ALUNEXT, Ltd. can produce profiles of any complex­ity and configuration according to Customer's drawings. Wall thickness varies from 0.8 mm, maximum diameter of circum­scribed circle is up to 180 mm, we perform cutting into certain length at the Customer's request. The products are heat treated which gives high durability to products.

A special place in production is occupied by high-precision construction architectural profiles that are used for facing building facades and manufacturing translucent constructions.

Continuous monitoring of all production processes, high production culture are the main constituents of quality guarantee for the manufactured products.

To ensure quality of profiles' geometry the plant has installed a compact measuring system RomiShape DT by Romidot. This system is based on the use of new optical and computer methods that provide for fast, precise and independent automatic check of profiles' geometrical shape. The system generates information on the control results in such a way that it can be used and processed by various departments of the company in order to improve the management of production process.



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