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Coating of profiles is performed on Italian equipment by the state-of-the-art technologies with the use of powder coatings approved by QUALICOAT Quality Label (Association for Quality Control in the Lacquering, Painting and Coating Industry, Switzerland) and best chemical agents by "Henkel" that are applied in profile pre-treatment.

After being sprayed on the profile the coating is poly­merized in polymerization furnace at the temperature of 180-200° C creating durable elastic coating.

Use of new technologies in the coating chamber and in polymerization furnace enables getting completely homogeneous coating.

Aluminum profiles are coated into every colour of RAL scale according to GOST 9.410-88 including antiques (textu­red coatings) and metallic coatings, "old bronze", "silver", "copper". Maximum length of profiles to be coated is 7.0 meters. Aluminum profiles with sizes not exceeding 450* 1200*7000 mm and weight up to 60 kg can be coated.

One of the main directions of ALUNEXT, Ltd. quality policy is further improvement of product quality and competi­tiveness. In 2008 ALUNEXT, Ltd. coating production passed three international audits carried out by specialists and inspectors of Association for Quality Control in the Lacquering, Painting and Coating Industry, Switzerland. Samples of coated profiles passed tests in the laboratories of Switzerland and USA, Florida and were recognized as meeting QUALICOAT requirements. ALUNEXT, Ltd. certified its production and was granted the right to use QUALICOAT Quality Label that is recognized as quality standard by all countries in the world. It would be enough to say that ALUNEXT, Ltd. is the third plant in Russia to have been granted the license for using QUALICOAT Quality Label for its products.

Objects equipped with coated aluminum profiles retain their protective and decorative qualities and attractiveness for not less than 30 years when exposed to open industrial envi­ronment in moderate climate. Profiles produced by ALUNEXT, Ltd. and coated with powder coatings were used to build objects in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg.

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